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Portrait for King's University

This is a commission I did for Kings University. It is a painting of the late Peter Wilson.  This one was especially tough because the source image was in black and white. I chose to go with the colours of the Nova Scotia flag when chosing his sailing gear.

Paintings! Both big and small.

This is a work I did for the side of a house. It's 7' by 11', acrylic on plywood.

 This painting was for a door on the outside of a house. The source image was a picture I took.  It's about 3' by 6.5', acrylic on wood.

 This is a detail of the above painting.

 A watercolour painting of the Chrch of St. Andrew and St. Paul. 8" by 13".
 A watercolor I did of my dog Noosa.  14" by 8".
 This is my Norman Rockwell inspired portrait of a friend and his dog who passed away. 10" by 12", watercolour on paper.

 Martinique beach.  Small acrylic on canvass.
Taylorhead Beach. Small, acrylic on canvass.

Mushroom cloud I painted on my studio floor.

Kaaabooooom! I took a picture of it before it gets ruined by wet shoes and dog paws.

A projected Matte painting I've been working on.